Apply or Nominate a Navigator

I’m interested in becoming a Navigator. What should I know before applying?

Unfortunately, Navigator Applications are closed at the moment. However, if you are interested, please email [email protected] and we will notify you when we reopen the Navigator Application.

All students who are selected to be a Navigator must display a significant understanding and respect for the Dean’s Discipline process and be able to clearly articulate its purpose and benefits to the campus community. Applicants are also encouraged to share their vision for contributing to CSSI and supporting their peers. It is also key to have an understanding of emotional intelligence and effective boundary setting skills. All students are encouraged to apply, whether or not you have engaged in the Dean's Discipline Process.

What are the responsibilities of a Navigator?

  • Answer questions regarding the Dean’s Discipline process
  • Connect students to appropriate resources
  • Facilitate conversations with students around community expectations
  • Provide feedback on the Dean’s Discipline process
  • Assist in the development of student outreach and engagement programs
  • Identify and implement ways to effectively promote the work of CSSI with the goal of increasing student knowledge around rights and responsibilities, community standards, and problem solving resources.
  • Be available to students who request a Navigator when they request a file review appointment with us.