Our Mission and Values


The Center for Student Success and Intervention (CSSI) uses a 360-degree lens approach to our work with students.  To best serve Columbia’s students, we collaborate with our campus and community partners to provide supportive measures for students experiencing challenges, including unmet basic needs and navigating the University Student conduct process. 


As a Center, we are committed to our students’ academic success. Using best practices and our own expertise, we collaborate with campus partners to enhance students’ learning, growth, and critical thinking skills. We provide educational opportunities, supportive interventions, and collaborative programming for students to succeed in their time at Columbia through upholding our three values: Students, Integrity and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion).



As a Center, we focus on students’ holistic well-being and promote a sense of belonging within the Columbia community. We aspire for authenticity in our relationships with students, and encourage reflection through empathetic and trauma-informed practices. We aim to support students’ growth to enable them to continually expand their own abilities and achievements during their time at Columbia. 


As a Center, we take pride in building trust with our students and campus partners as we work together to uphold the integrity and values of the University. We strive for consistency, efficiency and transparency in our practices, while bringing energy and passion in the pursuit of our mission. 

JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)

As a Center, we ensure equitable practices throughout our work by acknowledging and centering the unique lived experiences of each of our students. Our team is intentional in its commitment to learning and upholding inclusive practices. We strive to ensure that our policies and processes are consistent and fair, resulting in equitable and supportive outcomes and resources for students.